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Trivia Rogues

Oct 20, 2021

Good Guess is a clue-based game that’s great for intense trivia fans. How obscure and deep is your knowledge? Can you guess what the answer is based on the least helpful clue? Find out if Good Guess is right for you and your gaming table at home! Be sure to check out Puzzles-Plus for all of your gaming needs!

Oct 6, 2021

Today we break into teams and play Know It or Blow It, a game where each question has multiple answers and players work together in alternating responses to race to the finish!  Play along with us as we continue our search for the best games trivia has to offer!  Be sure to check out Puzzles-Plus for all your...

Sep 17, 2021

Today's game is Ultimate Pub Trivia!  This game will, no doubt, be a favorite at any trivia fan's house!  It has tons of questions and a difficulty level high enough to make you look smart and us look dumb!  Enjoy our show as we continue our exploration into trivia games of all types!  Be sure to check out the many...

Sep 1, 2021

Welcome everyone!  Today we play a game named after Billy!  "Smart Ass" has a fun take on trivia where people are given hints until they can come up with the correct answer.  Maybe this will be a new favorite at your house!  Check it out and play with us on this episode of TR!

Aug 11, 2021

If we were going to love a game, it would make sense for it to be from Ken Jennings and the guy who made Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield.  Yep, it's Half Truth!  Listen in and play along as we test each others (limited) skill sets in modern culture, standard trivia, and vintage legacies.  Who will reign as...