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Trivia Rogues

Mar 22, 2023

What happens when you give the Rogues a quiz of dates?  Timeline gives you the answer you already know.  Do you know when stonecutting and microscopes became things?  If you do, this is the game for you!  Enjoy!

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Mar 8, 2023

Decades of Trivia of decades of punishment?  How will we do with trivia from the 80's to the 2010's?  Tune in to find out where our strengths lie and where it falls off a cliff.

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Feb 22, 2023

Here is part two of the Trivial Pursuit rematch.  Will Jeff win as always or will Shana pull ahead and humiliate him?  Will Don and Billy get into a fist fight?  Blah blah yadda yadda.  Tune in and find out!

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Thanks for an awesome 5 years!

Feb 8, 2023

Welcome back friends!  We decided to celebrate our 5 year anniversary by brining back Trivial Pursuit.  It's the rematch no one asked for but here it is anyway.  We hope you enjoy tons of banter with trivia splashed in in a fashion only the Rogues can provide!

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Jan 25, 2023

We are too dumb to get this game finished in one episode so here is the conclusion of Bezzerwizzer with a small game of "Stupids for Second" to round out the show.  We also have a WotR with keyword "Football".  Is Shana screwed or will she pull the upset?  Tune in to find out!

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