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Trivia Rogues

Jul 31, 2018

Get ready because Vinny is back in the house! We start the show with Billy's famous rides quiz, followed by Vinny's quiz to help get him back into the trivia game, which he calls "Back to School Quiz"! Finally we finish with WotR!!! No need to check the episode number, this is a rare Tuesday edition of WotR! Enjoy the...

Jul 26, 2018

We are approaching our 50th episode! But first, lets learn about the SCOTUS and take quizzes on geography and mythological creatures! We invite you to sit back and relax, and join us on a journey to become smarter.

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Jul 24, 2018

Welcome back!  This week we will try and guess the top albums of all time based on total album sales, learn some fun facts about sloths, and Jeff keeps the show topical with a segment about sharks.  Enjoy!

Jul 19, 2018

Join us today as we discuss the mysterious history of Jack the Ripper, learn about Genghis Khan and his journey to becoming the "supreme ruler", and get quizzed on US monuments in this weeks WotR!  Enjoy!

Jul 17, 2018

Welcome back everyone! Hope you are ready for more learning! There will be 2 quizzes today. One is on food and drink and the other on endangered animals. Jeff finishes up the day with his segment on National Hot Dog Day!! Warning: It might make you want a hot dog!


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